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The New York Theosophical Society
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Winter 2018

Meditation: 6:00 - 6:20 PM

Meeting: 6:30-7:45 PM



Jan. 17th  - The Stanzas of Dzyanwith Lyn Trotman.
We will be moving on to the Stanzas in Volume 2 of The Secret Doctrine. 
Jan. 24th-   The Divine PlanDVD presentation
Dr. J. Drais, a long-time theosophist, gave a presentation at National Headquarters a few years ago on the book “The Divine Plan.”  It was recorded and we will watch the first part to give us some idea of the scope of this book before Alex Sprinkle starts the book study on it. 
Jan. 31st-  The Divine Plan  book study with Alex Sprinkle
The Divine Plan “ by Geoffrey Barborka is a commentary, and quite a voluminous one, of HPB’s “The Secret Doctrine”. The Divine Plan presents an exposition of the esoteric doctrines of Cosmogenesis from Volume I of The Secret Doctrine, analyzing and explaining all the terms used.  It is a commentary especially helpful for those who are considering reading The Secret Doctrine by Madame Blavatsky, or those who simply wish to read and gain a deeper understanding of its study.
Feb. 7th–  A Theosophical look at the Greek myth “Cupid & Psyche” with Lyn Trotman.
Joy Mills, in her book “The One True Adventure”, gave a remarkable theosophical interpretation of the Greek myth of “Cupid & Psyche”.  Together we will review and discuss Joy’s interpretation.
Feb. 14th - “The Stanzas of Dzyanwith Lyn Trotman.
Feb. 21st - “
The Gospel of Thomas and the Teleological Nature of the Self with Vinnie Nappo.
Most if not all variations of the ancient wisdom tradition, including theosophy point to an inner Self, an intelligent inner divine potentially as the only true path to direct knowledge of an infinite, all embracing reality that is in essence the ultimate ground of all being.  The Gospel of Thomas can be seen as an unbroken connection with the Wisdom Tradition.  In this Gospel jesus speaks directly to some of the most fundamental principles of esoteric thought and tradition.  Tonight we will explore some of these sayings and show how they speak to the very heart of Ancient Wisdom.
Feb. 28th. -  The Divine Plan  book study with Alex Sprinkle
Mar. 7th- 
The Stanzas of Dzyanwith Lyn Trotman.
Mar. 14th - NYTS Spring Party & Nominating Committee Elections

This is a meeting for NYTS Members only.  We will combine good company, good food, and Lodge business into this evening.  We will elect a Nominating Committee that will decide the slate for our Annual Business meeting and elections in May.
Mar. 21st- “The Book of Naturewith Michael Gomes
The Book of Nature:  Col. Olcott in his Inaugural Address to the Theosophical Society spoke of Mme. Blavatsky‘s
suggestion that we learn a new alphabet from Nature. But how do we do so and what are the means?  This talk looks at theosophical attitudes to Nature and the means to deciphering its code.

Mar. 28th- “The Divine Plan  book study with Alex Sprinkle